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Action Strategies Toolkit (RWJF)

by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | 22-Jul-2009

This comprehensive resource includes strategies in 10 policy areas, including supporting farm to school and school garden efforts and local foods, lists of key stakeholders, tips on how to start programs, and examples of policies that states and communities have implemented successfully.

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Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions

by ATTRA | 9-Jul-2009

As the local food movement has gained momentum in the past decade, the number of farm to institution programs across the nation also has grown. This publication offers examples and insight into the farm to institution world. Farmers, food-service managers, and community members can use this publication to gain knowledge and resources about how to begin or expand a farm to institution program.

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A garden pilot project enhances fruit and vegetable consumption among children.

by Heim S, Stang J, Ireland M. | 01-Jul-2009

A 12-week pilot intervention was designed to promote fruit and vegetable intake among 4th to 6th grade children (n=93) attending a YMCA summer camp. Children participated in garden-based activities twice per week. Children reported high levels of enjoyment in the intervention activities. Most children (97.8%) enjoyed taste-testing fruits and vegetables. Children also liked preparing fruit and vegetable snacks (93.4%), working in their garden (95.6%), and learning about fruits and vegetables (91.3%). Impact data suggest that the intervention led to an increase in the number of fruits and vegetables ever eaten (P<0.001), vegetable preferences (P<0.001), and fruit and vegetable asking behavior at home (P<0.002).

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Cooking With Kids

by Cooking with Kids, Inc. | 12-Jun-2009

Cooking with Kids motivates and empowers elementary school students to make healthy food choices. Through hands-on nutrition education activities, kindergarten through 6th grade students explore, prepare, and enjoy fresh, affordable foods from around the world.

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Life Lab

by Life Lab Science Program | 26-May-2009

Since 1979 Life Lab Science Program has supported science and garden-based education through publications, professional development, and innovative programs. This website provides resources (paid and free), videos, activities, and more about garden-based education.

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Benefits of Farm-to-School Projects, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for School Children. Testimony before the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry United States Senate, Washington, DC

by Dietz William H. (Director Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) | 15-May-2009

Statement emphasizes the importance of incorporating nutrition standards for foods in schools and childcare settings; highlights data about the need to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables; and outlines CDC strategies to improve healthy eating, active living and healthy weight.

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Action for Healthy Kids

by Action for Healthy Kids | 21-Apr-2009

Action for Healthy Kids® fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives. They partner with a legion of dedicated volunteers -- teachers, students, moms, dads, school wellness experts and more -- from within the ranks of our 60,000+ network to create healthful school changes. This website offers resources and the organization offers grants each year, many of which support farm to school efforts.

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Bearing Fruit: Farm to School Program Evaluation Resources and Recommendations

by Anupama Joshi, Andrea Misako Azuma | 10-Apr-2009

Released in Spring 2009, Bearing Fruit is a comprehensive guide to Farm to School program evaluation with highlights of the overall impacts of farm to school for stakeholders- teachers, food service, farmers, parents, policy makers, and community - providing excellent resources and tools to incorporate when assessing a program.

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Guide to Serving Local Food on Your Menu

by Glynwood Center | 20-Feb-2009

The guide is a primer to help foodservice managers and directors, caterers, chefs, restaurateurs and others consider creative ways to incorporate local food products into almost any foodservice setting. Topics include where to begin, identifying sources of supply, developing relationships with farmers, working through existing distributors, and things to consider about the regional food system. Chefs, institutional purchasing agents, and others share their experience in short case studies within the 32-page guide.

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Gardens for Learning: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden

by California School Garden Network | 20-Feb-2009

A comprehensive instructional resource for teachers, parents and schools interested in garden-based learning. This book was developed by the California School Garden Network (CGSN), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and sustain California gardens to enhance academic achievement, a healthy lifestyle, environmental stewardship, community and social development.

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Impact of garden-based youth nutrition intervention programs: a review

by Robinson-Obrien R., Story M., Heim S. | 1-Feb-2009

Garden-based nutrition-education programs for youth are gaining in popularity and are viewed by many as a promising strategy for increasing preferences and improving dietary intake of fruits and vegetables. This review examines the scientific literature on garden-based youth nutrition intervention programs and the impact on nutrition-related outcomes.

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Geographic Preference for the Procurement of Unprocessed Agricultural Products in the Child Nutrition Programs

by USDA Food and Nutrition Service | 1-Jan-2009

The geographic preference option was authorized by Section 4302 of Public Law 110-246, the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, which amended Section 9(j) of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act allowing institutions receiving funds through the Child Nutrition Programs to apply an optional geographic preference in the procurement of unprocessed locally grown or locally raised agricultural products.

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The Child in the Garden: An Evaluative Review of the Benefits of School Gardening

by Blair D. | 1-Jan-2009

Although educators widely use school gardens for experiential education, researchers have not systematically examined the evaluative literature on school-gardening outcomes. The author reviewed the U.S. literature on children's gardening, taking into account potential effects, school-gardening outcomes, teacher evaluations of gardens as learning tools, and methodological issues.

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