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Food Access & Distribution Solutions: 5 Strategies for Southern California

by Center for Food and Justice, Occidental College | 23-Jun-2008

Based on the report Fresh Food Distribution Models for the Greater Los Angeles Region: Barriers and Opportunities to Facilitate and Scale Up the Distribution of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, The Center for Food & Justice has developed 5 strategies which attempt to address some fundamental and basic issues with the distribution of locally grown foods.

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A Guidebook to Strategy Evaluation

by Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center (SCIPRC) and UCLA School of Public Health | 1-Jun-2008

This guide, while focused on youth violence prevention, offers a different perspective called “strategy evaluation,” which emphasizes evaluating an overall strategy toward a given outcome, rather than specific program elements.

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Do Farm-to-School Programs Make a Difference? Findings and Future Research Needs

by Joshi A., Azuma A.M., Feenstra G. | 01-Feb-2008

Farm-to-school programs are increasing in number across the United States, yet research and evaluation of programs is limited, with only a few studies published in refereed journals. For this article we reviewed 38 studies and report on 15 studies that met the inclusion criteria. These preliminary findings are related to the impacts of farm-to-school programs on behavior of students, school teachers and administrators, food service, farmers and producers, and parents, as well as knowledge gains and attitudinal changes. Further evaluation and research are needed to improve practice and assist programs in meeting their goals.

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A school salad bar increases frequency of fruit and vegetable consumption among children living in low-income households

by Slusser W.M., Cumberland W.G., Browdy B.L., Lange L., Neumann C. | 10-Dec-2007

This study measured change in fruit and vegetable (F&V) consumption among elementary-school children after the introduction of a salad bar programme as a lunch menu option in the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) reimbursable lunch programme in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

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The Effects of School Gardens on Students and Schools: Conceptualization and Considerations for Maximizing Healthy Development

by Ozer E.J. | 1-Dec-2007

This review draws on ecological theory to conceptualize school gardens as systemic interventions with the potential for promoting the health and well-being of individual students in multiple interdependent domains and for strengthening the school environment as a setting for positive youth development. This review (a) summarizes the small literature regarding the impact of school garden curricula on student or school functioning, (b) provides a conceptual framework to guide future inquiry, (c) discusses implications of this conceptualization for practice, and (d) suggests further research needed to better inform practice.

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Local Table

by Local Table, LLC | 15-Nov-2007

Local Table is dedicated to celebrating the small farmers and other folks who bring us homegrown food from Tennessee farms. Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat.

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SchoolFood Plus Evaluation Interim Report Phase 3 School Year 2005-2006

by Market Ventures, Inc., Karp Resources, Center for Health & Public Service Research | 12-Apr-2007

The SchoolFood Plus Initiative is a collaborative, multi-agency effort led by FoodChange and funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to improve the eating habits, health and academic performance of New York City public schoolchildren while strengthening the New York State agricultural economy through the procurement of locally grown foods. This Interim Report comes at the midway point of the planned two-year Phase 3 of the evaluation process, coinciding with School Year 2005-2006.

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North Carolina Farm Fresh

by NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services | 23-Feb-2007

North Carolina Farm Fresh is a directory of pick-your-own farms, roadside farm markets, and farmers markets throughout North Carolina. It is designed to help consumers find the freshest locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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Project PA: Sound Nutrition Education

by Pennsylvania Dept.of Education and Penn State | 22-Feb-2007

This website is designed to provide the tools and information needed to implement various types of Farm to School activities including: Incorporating Locally-Grown Foods into School Meals, School Gardens, and Providing Agriculture-Related Nutrition Education. This website also includes information about national efforts related to farm to school, links to PA groups and associations involved in farm to school, and contact information for individuals who are available to provide assistance to PA schools to start farm to school programs.

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Chefs Move to Schools

by Let's Move! | 22-Feb-2007

The Chefs Move to Schools program, founded in May 2010, is an integral part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative and its goal of solving the childhood obesity epidemic within a generation. This website creates a platform for chefs and schools to create partnerships in their communities with the mission of collaboratively educating kids about food and healthy eating.

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Garden-based education in school settings: The effects on children’s vegetable consumption, vegetable preferences and ecoliteracy

by Ratcliffe M. | 1-Jan-2007

The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the potential of school garden programs to address important issues related to childhood nutrition and environmental problems. A secondary objective was to develop a comprehensive theoretical framework specifically for garden-based education in school settings.

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Vermont's Guide fo Using Local Foods in Schools

by Vermont FEED | 01-Jan-2007

This guide is designed to help schools, and particularly food service, reconnect with local food systems through their school food programs. Known as the “Farm to Cafeteria” or “Farm to School” movement, this nationwide trend in school food purchasing is directly changing the way children eat at school while supporting and strengthening local agriculture.

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